I am an innovative entrepreneur and technologist who has advised a wide variety of web-centric businesses and brands by lending my creative, strategic and technological vision. With over 20 years of executive and technology leadership experience, I am a seasoned startup and open-source veteran, with domain expertise in large-scale distributed systems for M2M and IoT, big data analytics, and consumer web. I have built award-winning consumer-facing technology and applications from the International Space Station to Times Square. I still believe technology can be a force for good, and that it can improve our world and our lives. That is what inspires me to keep creating technologies that enable lasting consumer experiences, and tools for change. I leverage my engineering expertise, and a focus on open source and cloud technologies, to harness imagination and entrepreneurial spirit.

I am passionate about M2M, IoT, and using big data in large scale consumer applications. I excel at partnering with leaders in government and global business communities to create and foster lasting relationships of value. I brokered partnerships with the world's leading organizations from the UN, DoD, NASA, Google, Pepsi, Heineken, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, World Resources Institute, Discovery Channel, NFL, Honda, and many others to harness technology in the form of data and analytics to enable organizations to enhance their decision making capabilities, and brand. 

I provide technical leadership, strategy, engineering, product vision, and go to market for platforms, machine learning applications, APIs, and software as a service line of business to process and distribute petabytes of data on the cloud. I am also responsible for platform analytics, cloud development and operations, machine learning and computer vision R&D, and intellectual property management. I have built, scaled and lead world-class teams that shipped to market some of the world’s leading and award winning cloud-based distribution systems, and digital experiences.


For speaking engagements, board/advisor requests, or collaboration opportunities, please send an email to dan @ daniel-lopez.com .

Hacker-Maker-Thinker of Big Things



  • Industry expert and advisor to big data analytics, machine learning, interactive, and aerospace companies

  • Contributor and founder of various Open Source projects

  • Conference speaker, guest speaker, and collegiate lecturer 

  • Space missions, and "Earth Market" Space projects
  • Applications and applied science in AI and machine learning 

  • Immersive mixed-reality AR/VR projects

  • Big-data-for-good projects, sustainable development, environmental stewardship
  • Product development and marketing


US WO2015130365 A3
    Systems and methods for earth observation 

US 9684673 B2
    Systems and methods for processing and distributing earth observation images 

US 20170214889 A1
    Systems and methods for processing and providing terrestrial and/or space-based earth observation video 


Past speaking and panel engagements on topics that relate to frontier technology, Space programs, and big data

  • Web Summit
  • Space Tech Expo Europe
  • Space Tech Expo (Pasadena)
  • Swissnex San Francisco
  • O-Lab Data4Good (UC Berkeley)
  • Geospatial Analysis Lab (USF)
  • NewSpace Conference (Keynote)
  • NewSpace Conference (Panel)
  • GEO Data Provider Workshop 
  • Smallsat Symposium
  • International Aeronautical Congress