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Big Data, API, Video Streaming, DevOps


Urthecast | Vancouver, BC, CAN

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Technology lead. Urthecast integrated a live stream of real-time Earth video data from NASA’s High-Definition Earth-Viewing System (“HDEV”) aboard the International Space Station

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I led the integration of a unique live stream of real-time Earth video data from NASA’s High-Definition Earth-Viewing System (“HDEV”) aboard the International Space Station (“ISS”) to UrtheCast’s interactive web platform.

I was responsible for integrating NASA's live video data from the HDEV cameras to UrtheCast’s web platform. The live feed augmented and enhanced the interactive hub of Earth video and imagery we were building. NASA’s online HDEV channel had already garnered over 46 million views in under a year, so this was an exciting opportunity for everyone involved. The feed has now been viewed almost 292 million times since the time we had deployed the feed to the platform. With this resource, we’ll tap into a view of the world that is not only breathtaking, but incredibly inspiring that only astronauts typically see.

Our platform was designed in such a way that made HDEV data shine as the video stream itself will provide yet another innovative layer to the platform offering. It was integrated into the UrtheCast feed and APIs, which provided a rich, interactive media experience for viewers and application developers.

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