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Product, UX, API, Video Streaming, Imagery


Urthecast | Vancouver, BC, CAN

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Lead technologist and advisor. Pepsi Released Film Shot In Partnership With UrtheCast

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The production of the short film titled "Dark Knight Decoded" was a groundbreaking example of how video of Earth from space can be used for not only scientific pursuits, but for creative ones as well. Pepsi understood the impact of new technologies on opening up market opportunities, and we worked with them as a part of Urthecast's first consumer brand partnership.

Pepsi’s original short film, Black Knight Decoded, was shot from multiple perspectives on the ground and from space using UrtheCast’s Ultra High-Definition video camera, Iris, aboard the International Space Station.

Throughout Summer 2015, people from eleven countries came together to create elaborate installations, which were captured by Iris and featured throughout the film’s narrative. The innovative use of this technology, combined with an all-star cast and participants from across the globe, made this Pepsi Challenge project particularly unique.

Black Knight Decoded brought together Golden Globe nominee David Oyelowo, SAG Award winner Freida Pinto, Emmy Award winning director Jabbar Raisani, bestselling author James Frey, and Grammy Award winning entertainer Usher for the short.


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